408. The attack on Colijnsplaat

408. The attack on Colijnsplaat

25-11-1944 - 26-11-1944

Kuupjesweg, Colijnsplaat, Holandia
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408. The attack on Colijnsplaat

On 1 November 1944, the island of North Beveland was liberated by the Canadians. Schouwen-Duiveland is still occupied at that point. The Recce (Reconnaissance Section) of the Princess Irene Brigade was directed to North Beveland to guard the island. They were stationed in Colijnsplaat.

On 25 November 1944, German commando’s launch an attack from Schouwen-Duiveland on North Beveland. The intention was to blow up the lock at Colijnsplaat. However, the Germans landed incorrectly. That's why the ammunition was loaded onto a stolen cart at the farm building of the De Regt family and pushed to Colijnsplaat. The Princess Irene Brigade was promptly warned by Messrs Neerhout and Fortuin (an evacuee from Schouwen-Duiveland and a farmhand of the De Regt family).  

The Princess Irene Brigade, supported by the Scots, encountered the Germans outside the village after which it came under heavy artillery fire. During this action, first Lieutenant I.J. (Ian Jacob) Havelaar of the Princess Irene Brigade perished. He was temporarily buried at the general cemetery in Colijnsplaat on Sunday, 26 November 1944.

After liberation in 1945, his remains were transferred to the family grave at the Hillegersberg cemetery in Rotterdam. Years later, in 2017, the family grave of the Havelaar family in Rotterdam was cleared. Subsequently, first Lieutenant I.J. (Ian Jacob Havelaar) was reburied in Colijnsplaat on Friday, 19 May 2017, with military honor. At that moment, the lieutenant's family were speaking of "homecoming".

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Kuupjesweg, Colijnsplaat - GPS code N51.603063, E3.840903

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Kuupjesweg, Colijnsplaat, Holandia

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