135.  My Canadian liberator

135. My Canadian liberator


Hoogerheide, Holandia
Liberation Route Europe

135. My Canadian liberator

From the 7th of October 1944, during the Battle of the Schelde, the front line runs right through this village. Like other residents, a 13-year-old boy is trapped between the battles. He experiences the horrors of war from close by.

The battle for this intersection lasted for days. The first Canadian soldiers arrived on the 8th of October 1944. A day later, German reinforcements arrived and the counterattack began. In the days after, the intersection was alternately in Canadian or German hands. There was house-to-house fighting with many casualties on both sides.

Thirteen year-old Janus Pul was sheltering with his parents and sister on the Antwerpsestraatweg in the basement of Dr. Van de Kar. He experienced the fighting from close by and heard it moving back and forward in waves. And it was in that basement that he caught a glimpse of his Canadian liberator.

On the orders of the German commander, all the residents of Hoogerheide were evacuated during a break in the fighting. Hoogerheide was only liberated on the 24th of October 1944.

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Hoogerheide, Holandia