113. Liberation from the air

113. Liberation from the air


Sonniuswijk 42, Son, Holandia
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Liberation Route Europe

113. Liberation from the air

On Sunday September 17, in three quarters of an hour, more than 4.500 paratroopers are dropped in this area. This farm, Paulushoef, is an excellent landmark for the pilots, because the name can be seen in large letters on the roof. After the paratroopers have landed, a further 53 gliders with troops and equipment also land. Paul van Overveld is a boy of 15 and he sees it all.

On Sunday, September 17 1944, this farm was located in the centre of the area designated by the Allies as one of the drop and landing zones for the largest airborne operation ever. The farm was easily recognisable for pilots from the air, because the name ‘Paulushoef’ was visible in large white letters on the roof. Besides more than 4,500 paratroopers, 53 Waco gliders landed here. They were attached by a cable behind the Skytrain transport aircraft and released above the landing zone. The gliders carried jeeps and other vehicles and troops.

The inhabitants of the farms in the Sonniuswijk helped the Americans in every way.
In the days that followed, the area was still being used for landings and dropping reinforcements, heavy equipment and supplies.

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Sonniuswijk 42.
GPS code: 51° 31' 38.244"N 5° 27' 39.3114"O

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Sonniuswijk 42, Son, Holandia