Jeroen Niels

Jeroen Niels

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Jeroen Niels

Jeroen Niels is a battlefield guide since 2004 and born and raised in Arnhem. He regularly visits military archives both local and abroad, thereby continually expanding his knowledge on the units involved and how the battle developed. He subsequently incorporates this information into his battlefield tours.

His main interest is Operation Market Garden, especially the actions in the so-called area “The Island” between Arnhem and Nijmegen. He thereby follows the footsteps of 43rd Wessex Infantry Division in their attempt to break out of the Nijmegen bridgehead and their subsequent efforts – in conjunction with the Polish Parachute Brigade - to reach the hard-pressed British Airborne Division north of the Lower-Rhine river. This part of Operation Market Garden is regularly overlooked but is vital in understanding how the operation developed and eventually came to a hold north of Elst. His tour can be extended by a visit to the Arnhem and Oosterbeek battlefields.


Jeroen is a member of the Guild of Battlefield Guides and provides also guided tours at the Anglo-Canadian invasion beaches in Normandy. As a member of STIWOT (Foundation for Information on World War 2) he also corporates with other historians in organizing battlefield tours to other Second World War related battlefields in the Netherlands, Belgium and Normandy.

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