Barry van Veen

Barry van Veen

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Liberation Route Europe

Barry van Veen

Barry van Veen has been part of STIWOT (a Dutch Foundation for Information on World War 2) since 2003. This foundation is known, amongst other things, from the website Under the flag of STIWOT Travel, he has organized Battlefield Tours since 2004 in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Since 2012, he is also a guide alongside being an organizer.

Barry van Veen has been interested in the history of the Second World War since his youth. His special interest lies in the battle for the Netherlands in May 1940, the allied landing in Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge. Where the first subject falls outside the scope of Liberation Route, the last two subjects correspond with two storylines of Liberation Route.

In Normandy, Barry can guide you across both the American, British and Canadian landing beaches. He also takes you further inland to cemeteries, coastal batteries, museums, monuments and other sites located in the Normandy memorial landscape. Here he has both an eye for the overall story and the personal story so that history will come to life for you.

In the Ardennes Barry takes you along the track of Kampfgruppe Peiper to La Gleize where a German Königstiger tank still marks the end of the kampfgruppe. He will also show you the German advance to Bastogne and the encirclement of the city. In addition to paying attention to the American 101st Airborne Division he obviously also has an eye for the other American units involved in the defence of Bastogne.

Besides being a guide Barry is also an organizer. So you can let him arrange the logistical part of a Battlefield Tour for you. Transportation, accommodation, insurance, food and drinks can be catered for.

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