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Joanna Kruszewska

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Joanna Kruszewska

My name is Joanna Kruszewska. I am an English and Polish speaking tour guide from Gdańsk. I perform guided tours in Gdansk and Pomeranian Region - Westerplatte, Stuthof Concentration Camp, European Solidarity Muzseum. I am happy to tailor your tour to your interests. I am available for groups and indyvidual clients.

"My name is Joanna Kruszewska. I am an English and Polish speaking tour guide from Gdańsk.

Within the range of my interests (among the others) is the history of the Free City of Danzig. Due to its strategic location on the Baltic Sea it became a symbol of the outbreak of the Second World War. It was here – that the German Nazi battleship Schlezwig Holstein gave at Westerplatte the first shots of the war.  

For many years now, I have been exploring the history of the multinational and multicultural Pomerania as well as the region’s tragic history marked by the existence of the German concentration camp KL Stutthoff and its 39 sub-camps.

This area of the story is a prelude to a visit to the European Solidarity Centre, as Gdańsk is also the city of Liberty. It was here that the Solidarity Trade Union was formed thus breaking the Iron Curtain, finally resulting in Poland’s access to the European Union.  

I am offering tours for companies, organizations, groups and individual clients.

I can help create an itinerary with all the practical details and plan tour trip according to needs and interests of any customer."

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