Liberation Route Europe


With our digital training course about the Second World War and Liberation Route Europe, you can learn all about historical locations and events that took place during 1944-1945. The e-learning programme is designed for people working in the tourism industry. It takes just half an hour sat at your own computer and may include places near you! On completion, you will have knowledge that you can pass on to visitors and newly-gained information that you can add to your special offers, package deals and tours.

Our e-learning programme consists of two separate courses: 

• What is Liberation Route Europe?
This training course deals with the Liberation Route Europe website, the app and the travelling exhibition.

• What did the liberation of Europe entail?
This course focusses on the liberation of Western Europe. It includes short descriptions from key events and tips for locations that would be interesting to take your visitors to.

You can follow each course in your own time and at your own speed. It includes a test at the end of each course. If you pass the test, you will receive a digital certificate as proof that you have followed the course and passed with flying colours. The training courses are free and are available in English. Once you have registered for a login code, you are ready to start whenever you want. We hope you enjoy the course and wish you the best of luck on the test!

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